Who started the cap&trade system?

Answer Cap and trade was started by environmentalists and entrepreneurs who sought a way to reduce pollution by letting people and companies buy and sell the right to pollute. The concept goes back to the... Read More »

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How to Use the Global Trade System on WiFi?

How to get the Pokemon you want off of the GTS, to complete your Pokedex.

What is a triangular tile?

They have many shapes pre made or ya can cut your own,hone the edges though. tiles pretty sharp when ya cut it.

What is a triangular based pyramid?

A triangular-based pyramid is a 3-D geometric shape. A flat triangle and a point above it "define" the pyramid. Lines from corners of the flat triangle to the point define slanted edges and surface... Read More »

What is a triangular pyramid called?

If a triangular pyramid has congruent equilateral triangles for each of its sides--in other words, each triangular face has three sides of the same equal length--it is known as a tetrahedron. Other... Read More »