What is the tretment of natal tooth in 13days old child in lower anterior region?

Answer 16 if overnight. 12 is long period of time.

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Serious lower region question?

Aqueous cream is an excellent product for re-hydrating down below. if mixed with water it can be used as a soap and if used plain and rubbed in it is a soothing,re-hydrating is very mild,g... Read More »

How long should it take for a child's permanent tooth to grow in after losing the baby tooth?

My daughter's lower front tooth has fallen out,should it have a root?

Depends on how old she is. Not if it's a baby tooth.

What can you expect if you're having an impacted lower wisdom tooth out tomorrow and the doctor prescribed vicodin?

Answer You can expect short-term pain but in the long run, you will feel better with the tooth out!Vicodin is addictive. Do without it as much as you can. It also causes severe constipation. ~ T... Read More »