What is the tree used to make Japanese wedge heels?

Answer Japanese traditional wooden sandals are called geta. Several variations of the geta are made, including the high wedge heels worn by geisha. Referred to as Okobo, these sandals are made of one pi... Read More »

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What is Japanese yew tree wood used for?

The durable reddish-brown wood from the Japanese Yew tree has been used since ancient times to create weapons, wheels, furniture, tools, utensils and carvings. Recent studies suggest that taxol, fo... Read More »

What is a gap wedge used for?

A gap wedge is a type of club used in golf. According to, it is typically used by experienced golfers who want to hit a ball longer than when using a sand wedge and shorter then when using... Read More »

What tree is used to make archery bows?

A bow can be made from many different trees. The most common in North America are Osage orange, hickory, yew, ash, juniper, maple, chokeberry, locust, lancewood and dagame. Witch-hazel, elm and ash... Read More »

What is the scientific name of the Japanese Angelica-tree?

'Aralia elata' is the scientific name of the Japanese Angelica-tree. The shrub or small tree is native to Russia, Korea, Japan and China. The woody plant's shoots are considered delicious parts of ... Read More »