What is the treatment for lung cancer?

Answer Non-small-cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer are the main types of cancers found in the lungs. The treatment options depend on the type and stage of lung cancer.Surgery for Lung CancerLung... Read More »

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How much does lung cancer treatment cost?

The cost of lung cancer treatment depends on the type of lung cancer (small cell lung cancer "SCLC" or non-small-cell lung cancer "NSCLC"); the grade/stage of the cancer; treatment methods and dura... Read More »

Sun Ginseng Treatment for Lung Cancer?

Western oncologists have begun to work complementary and alternative medicine, including herbal medicine, into their treatment protocols. Ginseng is a dietary supplement that Japanese and Korean re... Read More »

Advanced lung cancer, Have opted for NO treatment . WHY Just tired of living . Would?

My husband got diagnosed with lung cancer, he got chemo and radation and it spread. They suggested experiemental treatments, he said no. He has gone 4 months later.You have to decide for yourself.

Should cigarette smokers be refused medical treatment for lung cancer if they continue smoking?

Should construction workers be refused treatment when they walk into the hospital with a nail through their hand, or a kid when he shoves a crayon up his nose.....with the amount of tax that smoker... Read More »