What is the treatment for kidney failure in cats?

Answer Feline kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are not able to properly filter wastes from the cat's body. It is common in aging cats and one of the leading causes of death in cats, but if it is chr... Read More »

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Acute Kidney Failure in Cats?

Acute kidney failure, also known as acute renal failure, can strike cats of any age, but is more common in older cats. ARF is a serious kidney disease that has a quick onset. If a pet owner suspect... Read More »

The Differences Between Kidney Failure & Dehydration in Cats?

Water is essential to the lives of nearly all living things, cats included. It helps keep the body hydrated, replaces lost fluids and balances the levels of minerals in the body. The kidneys use wa... Read More »

Kidney Failure Without Treatment?

Choosing not to receive treatment for kidney failure isn't easy. Kidney failure means your kidneys no longer do their job of excreting waste products from your blood. Treating kidney failure requir... Read More »

Hemodialysis Treatment for Kidney Failure?

Hemodialysis for dogs is essentially the same process used in treating humans suffering from renal failure. This treatment can be potentially life saving for dogs who have severe renal failure. Alt... Read More »