What is the treatment for bladder cancer?

Answer Bladder cancer most often begins in the cells in the lining of the bladder. According to the Mayo Clinic, bladder cancer is often discovered in its earliest stages, making it a very treatable type ... Read More »

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Is bladder cancer related to prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a form of adenocarcinoma--a cancer that develops in glandular structures that line certain organs--that can spread to the bladder. Adenocarcinomas can also occur in the stomach, ... Read More »

What is a Homeopathic Cat Bladder Stone Treatment?

Felines commonly suffer from getting stones in their urinary tract. Veterinarians will refer to the condition as feline urolithiasis, feline urological syndrome, or simply as a urinary tract infect... Read More »

What is the symptom of bladder cancer?

Usually, the first symptom is painless gross (visible to the naked eye) hematuria (blood in the urine). Pain is not usually experienced unless it has spread.(Gross hematuria can also be for other ... Read More »

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in a Man?

Cancer of the bladder is more prevalent in industrialized countries and it is also more common in men than in women. According to, bladder cancer is the fourth-most-common cancer... Read More »