What is the treatment for a dog with a cold?

Answer If your dog is coughing and bringing up mucus, it could have the canine equivalent of a cold. Like humans, dogs can recover without medical intervention, but you can help make it easier on your pet... Read More »

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Cold Treatment for Dry Skin?

Cold weather can wreak havoc on dry skin; however, there are several fool-proof treatments that can successfully combat dry, flaky skin in the winter.

What Seeds Need Cold Treatment?

Seeds are the embryos of plants and contain all the necessary energy and materials to start the new plant. There are natural mechanisms in seeds to ensure that they germinate at the right time, and... Read More »

What is cold laser treatment?

According to the American Cancer Society, cold laser treatments are sometimes used during acupuncture, instead of needles. Cold laser treatment is considered a form of alternative medicine and its ... Read More »

Cold Laser Hair Treatment?

For cosmetic purposes, laser technology is used to treat skin irregularities and visible signs of aging such as sun damage, discoloration and wrinkles, and for hair removal. Non-cosmetic purposes i... Read More »