What is the training program for the Navy SEALS called?

Answer Members of the Navy who want to become Navy SEALS must first pass the PST (Physical Screening Test). This is a grueling physical test that all candidates must go through. Those who pass are entitle... Read More »

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Where is basic training for navy seals?

The training for the Navy SEALs takes place in Coronado, California. Its called BUDs (basic underwater demolition SEAL) training, and its a 6 month process.

Who has better training army or navy seals?

I think your question is incomplete. But if you are comparing a person who has only been to army basic training and a trained navy SEAL. The answer is obvious. If you want to open the box of worms ... Read More »

How many navy seals drop out of training?

Navy SEALs Swim Training?

Since 1962, the Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land) have established a reputation of power and discipline as a special operations unit. Although 600 to 800 men from across the country embark on the rigo... Read More »