What does"disregard traffic control"mean on a traffic report?

Answer The phrase "disregard traffic control" on a traffic report means failing to follow a device that has given you instructions. This would be considered a driver error. Examples would be running a red... Read More »

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How do I report road traffic accidents?

Contact the PoliceIf there are injuries of any sort due to a road traffic accident, you must contact the police to report the accident. The police will fill out a police report, and you will need t... Read More »

How do I read a Minnesota traffic accident report?

Sections A to CGo to section "A" of the report, which records the time and place of the accident. Section "B" contains the the vehicle and insurance information of the individual who filled out the... Read More »

Does Ohio Report Non-Resident Traffic Convictions?

Most states have reciprocal agreements or compacts with other states in regard to sharing traffic violations. Whether or not a non-resident ticket is reported depends on the state in which the driv... Read More »

How to Obtain a Copy of a Traffic Accident Report in Wasilla, AK?

In the event of a traffic accident, notify the police immediately. A police officer will interview the involved parties, as well as any third-party witnesses, to determine how the accident occurred... Read More »