How to Travel the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

Answer The Pennsylvania Turnpike opened on October 1, 1940. Planners estimated the turnpike would serve about 1.4 million cars per year, a conservative estimate since 2.4 million cars per year used the ro... Read More »

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Is my Pennsylvania Turnpike transponder compatible with Indiana Toll Road?

The i-Zoom lanes on the Indiana Toll Road read all IPASS and E-ZPass electronic transponders, provided they are linked to a valid account. Because the Pennsylvania Turnpike utilizes E-ZPass, these ... Read More »

What does"disregard traffic control"mean on a traffic report?

The phrase "disregard traffic control" on a traffic report means failing to follow a device that has given you instructions. This would be considered a driver error. Examples would be running a red... Read More »

How to Respond to a Pennsylvania Traffic Citation?

Oh no! You've been issued a traffic citation/ticket! Whether it's for speeding, running a red light, or something else, all state traffic citations in Pennsylvania require a response. What should b... Read More »

Should I Fight a Pennsylvania Traffic Citation?

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