What is the traditional photographs taken for a wedding?

Answer Traditional photographs taken for a wedding: Before going to the church the photographer generally takes several pictures of the bride; then the bride and her mother and then pictures of the bride ... Read More »

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What do you call photographs taken from airplanes or helicopters?

Where are formal photographs often taken?

Photographers often take pictures in the studio.

Can black and white photographs be taken with a digital camera?

You can take black and white pics with your camera, provided it has a setting for them. Also, most simple photo manipulation software has a feature to change your photos into black and white.

Are there records or an index of photographs taken by the Chicago Portrait Co Illinois?

there taken like a normal camera HOW ELSE WOULD THEY BE TAKEN ?A real Answer: But very simplifiedThe film in the camera is a strip of plastic coated with light sensitive chemicals. This is called ... Read More »