What is the traditional british meal ?

Answer Sunday roast with all the trimmingsBangers and MashFish and chipsToad in the hole

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What is traditional British food?

England may be a small island, but the traditional cuisine is large, meaty and full of vegetables. Although England may not have the best reputation for food, there are a number of tasty meals that... Read More »

What is your family's traditional Christmas meal?

we usually head down to the soup kitchen at the local church. it's good and we don't have to wash our dishes afterwards.edit: hey thanks... i'm sure your family smells better than those guys at t... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what a traditional jewish meal would be?

There are many traditional jewish meals. Most traditional meals are associated with holidays--ergo, for Shabbat (Friday night, for example,) the menu could be:Chicken Soup with Rice or if you don'... Read More »

Ideas for a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal?

Thanksgiving is a fall celebration of thanks for good health, family and a bountiful harvest. The first Thanksgiving, in 1621, was celebrated by English pilgrims and native Americans, and, although... Read More »