What is the traditional Brazilian clothing?

Answer Brazil is a huge country with different climatic conditions and so its traditional clothing differs greatly from region to region. What it does have in common, however, is a shared European and Afr... Read More »

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What is the traditional brazilian breakfast?

I answered you question a minute ago and the comp erased everything.!!!Any way. I am Brazilian and the basic thing in Brazil is coffee with milk, french bread (small) and butter. I have found simil... Read More »

What is the traditional clothing in japan?

According to Lee Makala of Cleveland State University, Ohio, traditional Japanese clothing is generally referred to as "kimono" in order to differentiate from the western-style clothing, or "yofuku... Read More »

What is traditional Cherokee Indian clothing?

Traditional Cherokee clothing changed based upon the time of year. Most clothing was made from deer skin, woven cloth and Cherokee plant leaves. Animal fur was also used in clothing for the winter.... Read More »

Traditional Viking Clothing?

Vikings are Scandinavian sea-faring warriors active across Europe and the North Atlantic from the eighth through the 11th centuries. This time period is called the "Viking Period" in Scandinavian h... Read More »