What is the tradition of turning a class ring?

Answer Thirty percent of high school students purchase class rings every year. Class rings are also popular for college graduates. The traditions associated with ring turning ceremonies vary from school t... Read More »

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Where Did the Tradition of Tassel Turning Begin?

Students, after receiving their diploma, wait for their principal or dean to announce them graduated. They then turn their tassel from right to left. This tradition is far more recent than people m... Read More »

What is a class ring?

A class ring is a ring owned by students and graduates from a particular high school or university in the United States. The class ring commemorates the graduation achievement and the year of the g... Read More »

What is the significance of a class ring?

Class rings symbolize earning a high school diploma or college degree. Since West Point issued the first class rings in 1835, they have become a popular rite of passage for graduates.OriginClass ri... Read More »

What are class ring necklace pendants called?

A class ring necklace pendant is called a class pendant. Class pendants are normally worn by girls who think that the class rings are too large. Class pendants are usually much smaller in size and ... Read More »