What is the tradition of an apple in a pig's mouth?

Answer An 800 year old practice, placing an apple in a roasted pig's mouth is a tradition that is followed in China, the Middle East, Polynesia, Europe and the United States. The name for this dish is Roa... Read More »

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What causes severe cotton mouth or dry mouth in the morning?

During the day you are talking, eating, drinking, and doing things that simulate production of saliva. At night, you're going 8 hours without drinking, and hardly even moving, so when you wake up,... Read More »

What is the tradition of Father Christmas?

Christmas traditions make the holiday season more fun for many people that celebrate them. In many parts of the world, Santa Claus goes hand-in-hand with the Christmas season. Santa Claus has many ... Read More »

What is the tradition of bridal garters?

The garter and garter toss tradition isn't something new. In fact, it dates back to ancient times. In most traditions, whoever caught or got a piece of the garter was thought to win a stroke of goo... Read More »

What is moldova's country tradition?