What is the tradition behind fortune cookies?

Answer The tradition of consuming fortune cookies after a meal began in America. The fortune cookie was first introduced in California around 1915. Much debate exists surrounding the creator of the fortun... Read More »

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When are they going to start calling fortune cookies, "generic aphorism cookies"?

What is the legend behind the tradition of hanging stockings on the mantel?

Hanging stockings on Christmas Eve is a favorite ritual of American children. There are a number of possible origins for this practice.Dutch TraditionWhen Dutch settlers came to colonial America, t... Read More »

In what country were fortune cookies invented?

The country where the fortune cookie was invented is the United States. Its heritage is disputed between Los Angeles and San Francisco with David Jung and Makoto Hagiwara both claiming the inventio... Read More »

Do Fortune cookies work?

The companies who make them actually decided to change the messages and make them more positive and pleasing after receiving complaints about the negative fortunes inside. So the messages inside ar... Read More »