I sent a friend a dvdr of a sport thats plays the sport on all my dvd players and when he played it he said i?

Answer Did YOU ever record any porn on that disc?If not, what you consider a sport, your friend considers porn (say, women's mud wresting or something).IN any case, simply don't send your friend any more ... Read More »

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What is the world's toughest?

How to Convert a 2001 Dodge Ram from Sport Headlights to Non Sport?

You can upgrade your 2001 Dodge Ram Sport headlights to a variety of headlights that are not made to fit in the Ram Sport truck. Because these aftermarket headlights do not fit the headlight wiring... Read More »

Name a movie that can make the toughest of men cry?

- Marley & Me- Toy Story 3- The Notebook- Steel Magnolias- A Walk To Remember- Saving Private Ryan- The Shawshank Redemption- Schindler's List- Field Of Dreams- Old Yeller- One Flew Over The Cuckoo... Read More »

What is the toughest us army school?

In no particular order (because they are subject to debate) here is a number of the toughest Army schools:Officer Candidate School, Special Forces, Ranger, Jump Master, Sniper, SERE, Halo, SF Under... Read More »