What is the total volume of Earth's atmosphere?

Answer Earth's atmosphere has a total volume of about 51,000 trillion trillion liters. The gases that make up our atmosphere, or "air," are nitrogen (78 percent) and oxygen (21 percent), with water and o... Read More »

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What two elements comprise 99 percent of the volume of the Earth's atmosphere?

Earth’s atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen, with nitrogen comprising some 78 percent of the air. Together, these two elements combine to form 99 percent of the volume of the atmosphere; argon,... Read More »

A 10mL sample of blood obtained from a term infant represents approximately--------- of its total blood volume?

Infants have around 80ml per kilogram blood volume (although the range can be from 50-100ml'kg). This steadily drops to the adult values of 50-70ml/kg. A 6 month old infant weighing approx 6 kg wo... Read More »

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How to Determine Volume Bases & Volume Acids in Titration?

Acid-base titration is a straightforward way to measure concentrations. Chemists add a titrant, an acid or base of known concentration and then monitor change in pH. Once the pH reaches the equival... Read More »