What is the total number of police officers at the henderson, nc police department?

Answer The police department in Henderson, North Carolina, employs 58 law enforcement officers in addition to nine nonofficer staff members, according to its website. The Henderson Police Department has b... Read More »

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What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice

Who is the black female singer who appears in the 1980's televison series Cagney and Lacy. This person was one of the police officers or police detectives?

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What is the number for the Vancouver Washington police department?

Sometime between 1999 and 2004 there was a reality TV game show that pitted stunt drivers against real police officers What is the name of this police pursuit game show?