What is the total number of leukocytes in blood?

Answer The normal count for leukocytes, also known as white blood cells, in adult males and females is 4,500 to 10,000 cells. White blood cells fight infection and produce and distribute antibodies as par... Read More »

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A 10mL sample of blood obtained from a term infant represents approximately--------- of its total blood volume?

Infants have around 80ml per kilogram blood volume (although the range can be from 50-100ml'kg). This steadily drops to the adult values of 50-70ml/kg. A 6 month old infant weighing approx 6 kg wo... Read More »

What is the normal total white cells range in blood?

It depends on several factors: 1. age of the child2. type of ball thrown (hardball, tennis ball, etc)3. distance range that the ball was thrown4. age of chid that threw the ball5. location upon the... Read More »

What is the total number of banks in the U.S.?

There were 7,932 FDIC-insured banks in the United States as of March 31, 2010, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. These banks are subdivided into 6,772 commercial banks and 1,160 sa... Read More »

What is the Total number of CPT codes?

AnswerThere are approximately 7,800 codes within the range of 00100 through 99499. Each year various codes are added, modified or retired.The American Medical Association (AMA) owns the licensing f... Read More »