How does the East coast and west coast differ electoral votes?

Answer nope the film was directed at the brilliant coastguard as a whole and everyone in it :)

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How many total votes were cast for the final performance show in 2007?

What is the number of the votes in the house of Washington?

What was the number of popular votes for Ralph Nader?

As a candidate for president of the United States, Ralph Nader earned 685,297 popular votes in 1996; 2,883,105 votes in 2000; 463,655 in 2004; and 739,278 votes in 2008. Nader has never won any st... Read More »

How to find out number of votes for American idol?

you go on that is how you find how how many votes there are o ya to change the votes the password is sing so vote for ADAM he is HOT so pick him assholes