What is the total number of atoms in a compound?

Answer Avogadro's number, roughly 6.02 X 10^23, determines how many atoms or molecules are present in 1 mole of a substance. One mole of a substance weighs as much as the sum of the molecular weights of i... Read More »

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How many atoms form a compound?

A compound (or a molecule) is made of at least two atoms that are chemically bonded. The chemical formula of a compound includes the symbols and numbers associated with the compound, including the ... Read More »

Are two hydrogen atoms an element or a compound?

Two hydrogen atoms, or H2, are an element. An element can be a single atom or a molecule with two or more atoms of the same kind bound together whereas a compound is a molecule with two or more dif... Read More »

How many atoms are in the compound magnesium phosphate?

The chemical formula for magnesium phosphate is MgHPO4. The compound therefore contains one magnesium atom, one hydrogen atom, one phosphorus atom, and four oxygen atoms. There are seven total atom... Read More »

How many chlorine atoms are in a compound with the name dichloride?

According to, the prefix "di" means "twofold, double, twice," or "denoting two atoms." A compound that contains the name "dichloride" would have two atoms of chlorine. According to ... Read More »