What is the total acreage of florida?

Answer The total area of Florida is 58,560 square miles with 54,136 square miles of land area and 4,424 square miles of water area, according to the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Converted to ... Read More »

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How much acreage is in the florida state parks?

The Florida State Park system has 160 parks that encompass approximately 700,000 acres. Florida parks protect a variety of environments such as beaches, everglades, forests and historic landmarks. ... Read More »

What is the land area in acreage in Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi covers a total land area of 46,906.96 square miles. When converted using any online size converter, Mississippi's total acreage is 30,020,454.40 acres. Mississippi ranks 31... Read More »

How to Calculate Acreage?

Calculating a parcel of land's acreage is done by determining the length and width, then either figuring the acres long time acres wide, or figuring the gross square footage, and dividing by the ar... Read More »

How to Calculate the Acreage of a Triangle?

The acre is a measurement used to quantify large areas, often tracts of land. The word "acre" comes from old Greek and Latin words meaning "field." The more acres a lot takes up, the larger the lot... Read More »