What is the top speed of a jaguar cat?

Answer The jaguar is capable of sprinting with top speeds up to 50 miles per hour, the equivalent of 80 kilometers per hour. The Jaguar is the third largest cat in the world behind the African lion and As... Read More »

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Top Speed of a 1984 Jaguar XJS?

The 1984 Jaguar XJS replaced the iconic E-Type series Jags in 1975 and ceased production in 1996. The two-door coupe had either a massive 5.4-liter V-12 engine or the more modest 3.5-liter in-line ... Read More »

Create device for control of fan speed. 4 levels of speed. speed switching in manual mode with two.....?

Too many requirements for a circuit design that can be described here,but may be possible to do with thermal switches and some relays.Start by drawing diagrams of single-pole double-throw switchest... Read More »

How many seconds is a normal shutter speed i have a nikon n80 with adjustable shutter speed and i was wondering what the noraml shutter speed is?

Shutter speed depends upon available light, aperture, the subject, and camera settings. If a picture is being taken in low light with a slow lens (larger aperture number), then the shutter may need... Read More »

What does a jaguar eat?

Jaguars hunt on land, in trees and in water, enabling them to have a widely varied diet. Approximately 85 animal species have been documented as prey of the jaguar including fish, turtles, birds, c... Read More »