What is the top speed of a Ford Mustang Cobra?

Answer The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra has a top speed of 140 to 155 miles per hour, depending on the year. This model was in continuous production from 1993 to 2004, and was made by the Ford Special Vehicle T... Read More »

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Ford Mustang Cobra R Information?

The Ford Mustang Cobra R is a stripped-down, racing-oriented version of the high-performance Cobra. The Cobra R was produced in limited numbers (fewer than 700 combined) in three model years: 1993,... Read More »

How to Fit 10.5 Inch Rims on a Ford Mustang Cobra?

10.5-inch rims on a Ford Mustang Cobra are typically used on the rear wheels to increase the contact patch of the tire. Thankfully, the wheel well is large enough to accommodate the wheel. However,... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between the Horsepower of a Mustang GT and Ford Cobra?

Ford Mustangs have been around since the mid 1960s and have captured the attention of car lovers everywhere with every make and model. Two popular versions are the Mustang GT and the Cobra. Both ha... Read More »

How many Ford Mustang GT Cobra convertibles were made in 1989?

The Ford Motor Company produced 42,244 GT Cobra convertibles in the year 1989, the year the Ford Mustang celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Mustang GT convertibles carried a retail price of $14,1... Read More »