What is the top speed of a 250cc engine?

Answer Depending on the options and weight of the bike, the speeds can range from 65 miles per hour to 84 miles per hour. Dirt bikes that have the 4-stroke engine tend to be a bit slower than the cruisers... Read More »

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How many horsepower are in a 250cc engine?

A 250cc engine can have anywhere from 14.7 to 16.6 horsepower when mathematically converted. There are about 15 to 17cc to every one horsepower, so when dividing the 250cc engine, an average of 15... Read More »

Can you put a 125cc engine in a 250cc framed bike?

Well yes but...I would. imagine the smaller motor would be narrower and you have to keep the wheel and g'box sprockets aligned so you would have to offset the engine Also the g'boxsprocket will pro... Read More »

How to Calculate Engine Speed?

Your vehicle's engine speed describes the speed at which its gears rotate, per minute. The engine speed leads to a proportional rotational speed in the axles, which in turn translates into the vehi... Read More »

What does a car's engine speed sensor do?

Mounted on the engine, a car's speed sensor determines how quickly the vehicle is traveling and sends this message to the car's internal computer. In turn, the computer displays your speed on your ... Read More »