I got the iPhone 3g for Christmas and i went on LimeWire and put ashlee simpsons song boyfriend into the itunes file. but what do i do now to get it from itunes onto my iPod in my phone?

Answer sync the iphone with itunes

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How to Get My Song on iTunes?

The iTunes Store is a digital music store that allows anyone with an Internet connection and an iTunes account the ability to search for and download music, and can be used to sell your music throu... Read More »

How to Know if You Should Buy a Song on iTunes?

iTunes can be a complicated thing. With all the song choices and artists available, you may be wary of purchasing songs. There is no need to worry, you can be happily purchasing songs in no time.

How do you take lyrics out of song on itunes?

you go to where it says all of your songs and right click the song and click info than click lyrics tab at the top.

How do I change the song name on iTunes?

Right click, Get info, go to the general tab, and change the name.