What is the top of the flag pole called?

Answer The top of a flagpole is capped with an object called a truck, which may include holes for attaching a pulley system. Some flagpoles also display a decorative ornament or finial--such as a round bu... Read More »

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How Big Should a Flag Be on a 5-Foot Flag Pole?

The United States Postal Service offers a variety of services to meet customers' mailing needs, such as First Class and Priority mail. Available services vary depending on the size, shape and weigh... Read More »

What is in the ball atop a us flag pole?

There isn't anything inside the ball, or finial, atop flagpoles in the United States. According to, there has long been a myth claiming it contains three things, and those items vary bas... Read More »

What is the height of a school flag pole?

Most school flag poles are between 15 and 40 feet tall. The height of the flag pole generally depends on the size of the flag being flown. The flag's length should be at least a quarter of the heig... Read More »

What is the standard spacing for flag pole grommets?

Flags come in different shapes and sizes with no standard spacing for flag pole grommets. Grommet spacing depends upon the size of the flag and the placement of the holes on the flag to affix the f... Read More »