What is the top antivirus protection?

Answer On One Hand: Protection is NeededOn the one hand, anyone who surfs the Internet needs protection against viruses, malware, spyware and any number of nasty little surprises that are lurking. When it... Read More »

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What is antivirus protection?

Antivirus protection pertains to the presence of software that is equipped in detecting, removing and preventing computer viruses (software threats) from inflicting program damage to personal compu... Read More »

How to Activate Your Antivirus Protection?

Anti-virus programs are the backbone of a computer's defense against malware files. Viruses, worms and spyware are damaging to computers and can shut them down entirely as well as steal information... Read More »

Why is antivirus protection needed?

Anti-virus protection is necessary for your computer, especially if you plan on using the computer online. It's not just viruses that you need protection from; there are numerous other kinds of att... Read More »

Why is antivirus protection important?

Antivirus software is vital to maintain proper computer functioning. When computers operate without antivirus programs, they have an increased risk of acquiring malicious software that could comple... Read More »