What is the toothpaste that you use regularly?

Answer crest with scope in it- the long lasting kind

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What do you do to ensure that your computer is regularly maintained and tuned-up for peak performance?

OK, OK, as a techie, I'll cop to being a little derelict as regards my personal computer. But I usually run Frankenstein machines that are pieced together from other people's junk, with slight perf... Read More »

What causes the build up on teeth that have been cleaned and flossed regularly?

There most definitely is a way to prevent the calcium like build up on your teeth particularly the lower inside front teeth. It is as simple as changing your tooth paste to one you will find at a h... Read More »

So that your scanner always takes clear images what maintenance do you need to carry out regularly?

well one thing you can do is take some window cleaning agent and clean the surface that you put the paper on...other than that you shouldnt do anything else. if it still is blurry images check the ... Read More »

What is the best whitening toothpaste that actually works ?

Honestly Julie. use Crest 3D white... crest has the best whitening toothpaste on the market... some people find random brands that they get from asia and Europe that work better... btu in north ame... Read More »