What is the title risk in a condominium purchase?

Answer There could be several title risks, including but not limited to:Lien against the title for unpaid assessments, including regular assessments, special assessments and fines for violationsUnclear ti... Read More »

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You are separated if you purchase a condominium with your own earnings will the condominium be considered marital property?

Any answer must depend on the marital property laws in the state where you live/ claim residence, and any property agreements made in your separation documents.Your lawyer will give you a correct a... Read More »

What If I Don't Get the Title When I Purchase the Vehicle & the Lien Holder Must Send for It?

Anyone should be very wary of purchasing a vehicle when the seller does not have the title. The title to a car represents proof that a person legally owns the vehicle and has the right to sell it. ... Read More »

How do you find the title for a condominium unit in Alberta Land Titles?

The government of Alberta is responsible for maintaining a record of ownership of land in the Provence. Read more, below.

How to Purchase Builder's Risk Insurance?

Builder's risk insurance, or construction risk insurance, is a type of property insurance that protects against any damage to your home or building while they are under construction. It also protec... Read More »