What were pirate boots called?

Answer More fashionable pirates wore bucket-topped boots with buckles, referred to as bucket boots. The average seamen would have found this impractical for working on the ship, instead likely choosing to... Read More »

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What is a pirate flag called?

Originally many pirate flags existed, all called the Jolly Roger. It was the name that signified the ship’s crew members were indeed pirates. The most popular shows a skull and crossbones. The Jo... Read More »

Is there a card game called Pirate Rum?

There is not a card game specifically called Pirate Rum. There is, however, a card game called Gin rummy. Gin rummy uses the entire deck of cards as players try to get three or four of a kind or fo... Read More »

Where has the Pirate Bay movie section gone?

Go to Top 100 and click Movies or go to Browse Torrents and select Movies. They are both under the Video section. Like so Top 100>Videos>Movies or Browse Torrents>Videos>Movies.

What was the 90s made for tv movie or mini series with a ghost pirate?