What is the tip of a match made out of?

Answer The tip of a match is made of glass powder, sulfur and a chemical that serves as an oxidizing agent. An oxidizing agent will prevent the match flame from extinguishing itself too quickly.Source:Mic... Read More »

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What are match heads made of?

According to the University of Denver's J. B. Calvert, match heads contain potassium chlorate, sulphur, starch, diatomite, glue and siliceous filler. Zinc oxide or calcium carbonate act as a neutra... Read More »

When was the match made by John Walker invented?

In 1819, John Walker opened a chemist and druggist shop on High Street in Stockton, England. It was then that he invented the match. He discovered that he could coat the end of a stick with chemica... Read More »

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I burned myself with a match Halloween night. The match was already out and it accidentally touched my face?

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