What is the time frame, when leaving the USA, before losing citizenship?

Answer A U.S. citizen must commit one of seven voluntary, intentional acts to relinquish citizenship, and cannot lose citizenship just as a result of leaving the country for any period of time.Source:U.S.... Read More »

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What Are the Goals Students Should Achieve Before Leaving High School?

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What is the time frame for an IRS audit?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, most tax returns are accepted without incident. Some returns, however, are audited in an effort to determine if the information listed on the return is ac... Read More »

When is the safest time to have sex is it before or after menstruation?

i think it is after menstruation..simply because after menstruation your vagina just get rid of the wastes in your body through the blood that we see everytime we have our menstruation..after it ge... Read More »

What is the cancellation time frame for a cruise refund?

Life is unpredictable, and it might become necessary to cancel a planned vacation or trip. In those cases, every major cruise line has specific refund and cancellation policies for travelers.Cruise... Read More »