What is the time frame, when leaving the USA, before losing citizenship?

Answer A U.S. citizen must commit one of seven voluntary, intentional acts to relinquish citizenship, and cannot lose citizenship just as a result of leaving the country for any period of time.Source:U.S.... Read More »

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How to Enjoy Time Alone Without Leaving the House?

Several people aim to enjoy time alone. For many, this means leaving the house and going on a vacation. However, there is a way to enjoy alone time without doing any of the above.

Is this goal and time frame even possible for me Please, seriously..?

Yes, I think it's possible! I really do.. The first week of my weight loss journey I lost 9lbs so I believe you can do it. :)~~~~Eat 6 meals a day, every 3-4 hours.Keep your goal weight EVERYWHERE!... Read More »

What is the time frame for an IRS audit?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, most tax returns are accepted without incident. Some returns, however, are audited in an effort to determine if the information listed on the return is ac... Read More »

How to Size a Time-Trial Frame?

A time trial bike has an aerodynamic design for racing in triathlons or time trials. In a time trial, each cyclist begins to race at a different time and rides the course to achieve the fastest tim... Read More »