Are male tigers larger than female tigers?

Answer An adult male tiger is almost always larger than an adult female. Male tigers, at full growth, range between 400 and 700 lbs. Female tigers, at full growth, range between 260 and 400 lbs.References... Read More »

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What Tigers Eat?

While tigers might look like attractive, mystical creatures from afar, these carnivorous felines can pounce on their prey at any time. A tiger's diet is largely based on the types of animals that r... Read More »

What do tigers eat Do they eat meat?

It depends on where they are and what foods are available for them to catch, mainly meat, but the occasional man or fish if there are rivers where they are.They normally would target the older anim... Read More »

What kind of ecosystem do tigers live in?

Tigers live primarily in temperate or tropical areas, including much of Asia. However, the ecosystems in which tigers live have been seriously damaged by hunting and deforestation, and tigers are e... Read More »

What is the song that was played on shipwrecked 2008 when the tigers won?

Air Traffic - No More Running Away Another answer: The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations