What is the thinnest part if the radius in the arm?

Answer You're actually not a very good liar. The old "it's a science project" ruse has been used too often before here on Yahoo Answers. It's amazing how you kids find every way to get out of homework a... Read More »

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What the thinnest I could be and look good?

Dear Dreamer,According to your height, your should weigh about 120 - 125 lb, because that works out a Body Mass Index, BMI of 20. So, 125 lb should be super healthy and nice looking for your height... Read More »

What is the thinnest laptop?

As of March 2010, the thinnest laptop is the Dell Adamo XPS, revealed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2010. Since manufacturers compete for the thinnest, sleekest models, a thinner laptop may ev... Read More »

What's best eyeliner out there that gives the thinnest line?

liquid on the top i use may kate and ashley liquid eyeliner

What is the thinnest iPhone 4S case?