Sore throat and swollen thing in back of throat.?

Answer Definitely a severe infection. Make an appointment to see your doctor or get to a med clinic. You will need antibiotics indefinitely. In the meantime, gurgle some warm water mixed with natural sea ... Read More »

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What is the little dangly thing in the back of your throat called?

If your hamster got sucked up into your vacuum cleaner and now his back leg just sort of hangs there and you don't have money for a vet will it heal on it's on?

Answer The leg is obviously broken. You should go to a veterinarian or the hamster might never get back the use of the leg. If you cannot afford it, contact the nearest Animal Protection Society, t... Read More »

Do they have to put any thing down my throat?

just a mask over your mouth and then count down from 10 then it's night night time and you'll wake up later with a bionic ankle!

White thing in my throat.?

I had this too for a really long time. I got it right after i got broncitus. Have you had that before? Dont worry you dont need to go to a doctor. It will eventually go down nor something. Hope i h... Read More »