Thinking about conceiving a child, but the one thing I'm worried about is my feet turning into canned hams?

Answer Well, there's a bright side to your feet swelling up into bloated globs of high potassium SPAM... maybe some of those freakshow clown shoes you bought at Payless Shoe Source last week with your hid... Read More »

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What is the mounatin dew thing all about?

usually its when you get mountain dew in a bottle there's a code on the cap and you enter it into whatever the mountain dew website is... it will tell you and then it will tell you if you won or no... Read More »

What is the most attractive thing about men?

looks are a bonus but some men are lovely without brill looks, quite tall, hair style, clothes definately, and you can guess the other, you look nice in your picture anyway!

What is u favorite thing about life?

My four children...They are the most insparational, beautiful, wonderful, life altering reasons I get up in the morning, They are the reason why I do better with things....They are the reason life ... Read More »

What is the hardest thing about being a mom to you?

Easiest: Loving him. It comes naturally.Most fun: His personality. He is such a little ham nowadays!Age: He's 10 months.# of babies: He is our first but hopefully not our last.Gosh, it's hard to sa... Read More »