What is the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin?

Answer Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, expressed in the book, "The Origin of Species," radically changed thinking about how species evolve and change. Up till that point, the prevailing theory was J... Read More »

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What did Darwin do for the theory of evolution?

Darwin noted how selection pressures--such as available food supply--acted on a species. He observed how a species would develop traits that could take advantage of its surroundings and propagate: ... Read More »

What did darwin call his theory of evolution?

Charles Darwin compiled his theory of evolution in a book called, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection," which is generally known as "The Origin of Species."References:Lucid Cafe... Read More »

What Inspired Darwin to Develop the Theory of Evolution?

Charles Darwin, an English naturalist who lived from 1809 to1882, developed the theory of evolution by natural selection, the current unifying theory of the life sciences, which explains explains t... Read More »

When did Charles Darwin discover evolution?

Charles Darwin published his seminal work on evolution, "On the Origin of Species," in 1859. His ideas on the nature of evolution and the role of natural selection took shape during his famous tra... Read More »