Who sings the theme song of Charmed?

Answer 'Charmed' theme tune The song is "How soon is now". It was originally written by 'The Smiths' but when in 1994 the movie "The Craft" was made, production of the movie asked the band "Love Spit Love... Read More »

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Who sings the theme song of the series"charmed"?

According to the Wicca Box, the theme song for the TV show "Charmed," is "How Soon is Now," by Love Spit Love. It was also in the movie "The Craft" in 1996.Source:The Wicca Box: Charmed Theme Music... Read More »

What TV show is You Had a Bad Day its theme song?

during American idol season 5, "you had a bad day" by Daniel powter was played after a contestant got eliminated, during their montage.

What tv show has theme song Who are you?

Who Are You by the Who is the theme song for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Was the song I'd really love to see you tonight the theme song for a television show?

what t.v. show is the song i'd really love to see you tonight on?