What is the theme of Cinderella?

Answer Although the theme has remained intact, there are many variations on the Cinderella story. The most familiar version was published in 1697 in Paris by Charles Perrault. Walt Disney retold the "Prin... Read More »

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How to Host a Cinderella Theme Birthday Party for Your Little Daughter?

Out of all Disney princesses, Cinderella has been an all-time favorite of kids. Girls are just crazy about how the unfortunate young women became blessed with a good fortune and found her Prince Ch... Read More »

What are the lyrics to Cinderella a friend like you?

im glad to have a freind like you buttons i know i care about you

In what year was Disney's"Cinderella"created?

The Walt Disney Co. makes many animated films that use existing, well-known characters but tells their stories in new and different ways. Cinderella is one such character. The Disney version of thi... Read More »

What is the theme of your bathroom,If you dont have a theme what are the colors?

My bathroom doesn't have a theme-it's all white!