What is the thai language?

Answer Many Southeast Asian countries use a European language as a secondary means of communication because they were once colonized. Thailand primarily uses only the Thai language because they were never... Read More »

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What is the language code for Thai?

According to the U.S. Library of Congress, the two official codes for the Thai language are "tha" and "th." The first is the ISO 639-2 Code, while the second is the ISO 639-1 Code. These codes are ... Read More »

What language do Thai people speak?

Thai is the national language of Thailand. The language was introduced in 1283 by King Ramkhamhaeng. Around 80 percent of people in Thailand speak Thai. Chinese, Malay, Lao, Mon-Khmer and English a... Read More »

Do Thai people that work at Thai restaurants eat Thai food every day?

It would suck, because Thai peanut sauce is not good.

Free Thai Language Lessons?

Learning any foreign language can be a challenge. Fortunately for Thai language learners today, numerous free Internet tools can help with the learning process. One of the most important parts of s... Read More »