What is the texture of pumice?

Answer Pumice is an igneous rock. It is made from volcanic lava that solidified above ground. The texture of pumice is described as both glassy and vesicular because of its unique qualities.FoamThe name p... Read More »

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What Is Pumice Composed of?

The Mineral Information Institute describes pumice as a volcanic rock formed when lava with a high content of water and gases is thrown out of a volcano. Escaping gas bubbles cause the lava to beco... Read More »

What is the shape of pumice?

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What is pumice used for?

Pumice has remarkable abrasive qualities that allow it to be used in many places. We see it used as a dental abrasive, an abrasive hand soap ingredient, an ingredient in polish, and a cosmetic skin... Read More »

What Is a Pumice Stone?

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock of solidified lava. It is a product of volcanic eruptions that is formed when lava and water mix. Pumice is usually pale in color, although shades may vary. Althou... Read More »