What is the term used when a man becomes a woman?

Answer The term used to identify a man who has undergone a surgical operation to become a woman is a "transsexual." A transsexual commonly uses hormones, surgery and dress to become a woman. A man who sim... Read More »

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What is it called when a man becomes a woman?

Transsexual is the term used when a man seeks to live as a woman. Sex change operations and hormone replacement therapies can assist a transsexual man become a woman. Other terms used include trans... Read More »

What is the term used for a woman who suffers trauma as a result of child birth?

Yes, this is called a missed miscarriage or an early miscarriage.

When it becomes necessary to remove breast when a woman is having breast cancer...?

My mother had a tumor in breast that was painful. Upon visiting gynocologist she prescribed byopsy to see weather it was malignant Or not. She went through a minor surgery and the tumor was extract... Read More »

What term is used when a computer switches from one program to another very quickly?

A user who has multiple programs running simultaneously can use the Alt and Tab keys to quickly flip between the program windows. The term for this is "Alt-Tabbing," or sometimes simply "Tabbing."S... Read More »