What is the term used when a man becomes a woman?

Answer The term used to identify a man who has undergone a surgical operation to become a woman is a "transsexual." A transsexual commonly uses hormones, surgery and dress to become a woman. A man who sim... Read More »

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What is the term used for a woman who suffers trauma as a result of child birth?

Yes, this is called a missed miscarriage or an early miscarriage.

Will a baseball thrown at a full term pregnant woman's stomach hurt the fetus inside?

Answer Your baby is surrounded by a very shock proof environment. Babies are fine after car accidents, falls and even assaults.That being said, I would still seek medical advice. Your doctor sho... Read More »

Could a full-term but mentally challenged baby be born to a woman who got chicken pox at six months pregnant?

Answer Hello, Yes it is possible as there is cases of pregnant women who contract chicken pox during pregnancy, who have a child with learning difficulties, Autisum, etc. But not all pr... Read More »

Can short-term&long-term disability insurance be deducted from federal taxes?

Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct premiums that they paid for personal disability insurance. While it is legal to deduct other forms of insurance, such as business liability insurance, personal d... Read More »