What is the actual term for special ops member other word for member if that makes since?

Answer Soldiers .. my mine went blank

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Senate Committee on homeland security and governmental affairs member demographics?

Spy satellites! We can watch the comings and goings of foreign military troops and equipment. We can find enemy hide-outs and bases. We can use satellites to direct our missiles, bombs, and aircraf... Read More »

How many American presidents served more than one term?

20 served for more than one term- 13 served 2 or more full terms and 7 others served one term and part of another.

What presidents served one term by choice?

James K. Polk and Rutherford B. Hayes both declined to run for a second term.

How long is the term of a condo board member in Florida?

Read your governing documents to determine the length of term for each officer or director on your condominium board. This is the place to find this answer, regardless of where the condominium boar... Read More »