What is the temperature on the star Sirius?

Answer The star Sirius has a temperature of approximately 9,600 degrees Kelvin, making it much hotter than the sun in Earth's solar system. It has twice the sun's mass and 22 times its luminosity.Source:D... Read More »

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What makes Sirius the brightest star in the night sky?

While Sirius appears to the naked eye as a single point of light, it is in fact a binary star system. Its dominance in our night sky, however, is largely due to its proximity to our solar system--t... Read More »

What makes the star Sirius the brightest in the night sky?

Sirius, or the "dog star," is the brightest star in the night sky for several reasons. It is one of the nearest stars to Earth after the sun, with a distance of 8.6 light years. It also is a big st... Read More »

Facts on the Star Sirius?

The brightest star in the sky, Sirius is also commonly known as the Dog Star. Because of its visibility, it is the most well-known of stars, with many references found throughout history and in al... Read More »

What is the average temperature of the star Polaris?

The average temperature of the star Polaris is approximately 6,000 Kelvin, according to the University of Illinois. This is equivalent to 5,727 degrees Celsius or 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit. Polaris... Read More »