What is a dude ranch?

Answer A dude ranch is a vacation destination where visitors can live as ranchers do. Vacationers can expect an outdoor vacation with fresh air, open spaces, horseback riding, trout fishing and communal d... Read More »

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Is it right for a dude to be bulimic?

There are more men with eating disorders than people realize. Men are thought to make up around 1 million out of the 8 million people suffering with eating disorders. I think more men tend to hav... Read More »

How many ways can you say dude?

How to Be a Good Dude?

Three Good DudesMany people call themselves, or get called "Dude." In regards to this, Nietszche wrote, "There are many people under the guise 'dude,' but of these few, few dudes do actually exist.... Read More »

I am an overweight dude.?

I'm assuming there is not time limit for your weight loss.A 200 lb person requires 3000 calories a day to MAINTAIN that weight. That's 15 calories a pound. So if a 200 lb man wants to GAIN weight... Read More »