At what temperature will wood catch a fire spontaneously?

Answer There are hundreds of types of wood, all with different chemical compositions. Thus, there is no single ignition temperature for wood. However, according to T.C. Forensics, woody material ignites b... Read More »

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If you turn the shower all the way to hot and then stick paper under the faucet will it catch on fire?

I believe if you use lined paper, then yes, it would catch on fire. But if you use a solid, colored paper (blue works best), then it won't catch on fire! It won't even get wet because of the micros... Read More »

Can this catch on fire?

Good grief, get a bulb that has a built in reflector… that has been designed and UL (insurance underwriters) tested to safely dissipate heat.

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Fire Red?

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How to Catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Fire Red?

You can catch the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh in "Pokemon FireRed Version" by traveling to Navel Rock from the port at Vermillion. To open up passage to Navel Rock, you will need to have unlocked the M... Read More »