Where is telephone country code 31 used?

Answer Yes, its part of the $30-$35/month data plan.

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Does it cost to call someone local by adding plus and country code on the telephone number when calling?

No, It doesn't cost you extra as long as you have the same country codes example 001 or +1, Both of these has the same cost, only that, some phones doesn't exist the plus sign (+) example landlines... Read More »

What area code or country code do you live in?

What is the Telephone International Area Code for USA?

It's the number 1for example if your number is 818-555-5555then she'd dial1-818-555-5555

What Is the telephone area code for Taiwan?

In addition to the 886 country code that is needed to dial Taiwan from an international location, there are 30 area codes for cities and regions in Taiwan. Those city codes are as follows: Changhua... Read More »