What is the technical definition of ceviche?

Answer I'm Mexican and ceviche is a dish prepared with raw fish and ****** with lemon.I'm sending you a recipe, hope you like it.Saw fishLemonsTomato (cut in dice)Onion (cut in dice)Cilantro (chopped)Cats... Read More »

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What is the definition of technical staff?

One definition of Technical Staff is a group of people who are relaible to build and maintain any type of equipement anywhere, any time and who are valuable enough to be employed on a full time pai... Read More »

Technical Definition of Customer Service?

Customer service exists for most online and brick-and-mortar retail and service companies. Customers are always looking for guidance and in some cases advice about a particular product or service.... Read More »

How to Make Ceviche?

A classic fish dish with a special seasoning of citrus fruits makes this the perfect way to begin any dinner party.Serves 4Preparation time: 30 minutesCooking time: 4 hours

Is Ceviche from Chowder a boy or a girl?

he is a boy!!!!! why do u think he likes panini!!!! duh!!!Actually, Word of God says he is a male. From: ""CH Greenblatt wrote in his blog: "Ceviché is a boy... Read More »